• Bring along your favorite jacket or sweater, we suggest long sleeves for at least one portrait.


  • Bring hats or other accessories that complete your outfit.

Identity Clothing

  • Athletic uniforms, musical arts, etc…


  • Bring all those cool shoes – they will show in a lot of the portraits.

Something Different

  • Show off your unique style with something fun, formal or wild.


  • Do your hair before you arrive.
  • Guys – get a hair cut at least one week before your session.
  • Girls – don’t try out a new hair style or color right before your session.

Something Casual

  • Your favorite thing to wear on a normal day.


  • Remember your hands will be in your portraits.

Something Classical

  • A timeless look that won’t make you cringe in 25 years.


  • Your car, siblings, instruments, pet, best friend, athletic gear, etc…

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